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What is emotional abuse?



Carol-Ann is a certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach and emotional abuse survivor. She is dedicating her life to help people work through the emotional nightmare of both of these types of trauma, rebuild their lives, regain their self-respect and live their new lives with dignity and a new-found purpose.

The pain of a relationship break-up can have long lasting effects on the decisions we make and how we live our adult lives. Without understanding the source of the pain, acknowledging it and working through it, we are destined to remain in a cycle of unfulfilling relationships which cloud every relationship we choose to be in.

She has experienced the trauma of emotional abuse and devastating break-ups. She finally looked within herself and realized that she needed to make a change to stop attracting men who disrespected her. She did and now she is thriving.

So, here is your challenge. Examine your unfulfilling relationship and make a positive change in your life.

Carol-Ann is here to help you make that change.



If you are experiencing the trauma of a break-up, contemplating a break up, if you suspect or know for sure that you are being emotionally abused, this coaching session will prepare you to chart a new course and start living the life you were meant to live.

Whatever has caused you pain or anxiety in your intimate relationship, as I work with you through this six-week/one-hour coaching session you will:

  • Find your voice
  • Learn to be Daring
  • Take charge of your life
  • Dream new dreams
  • Start again with confidence
  • Rewrite your life on your new blank page

Let us begin the exploration with a free ½ hour coaching session to explore further how this coaching session will free you to live the life you were meant to live.

Conscious Uncoupling Coaching

This coaching is for you if you are experiencing the trauma of a break-up or contemplating one and resonate with any of the following. You:

  • Are feeling stuck in your relationship
  • Cannot understand why you are repeating the same patterns over and over in every relationship
  • Are thinking of getting divorced
  • Are in the midst of getting divorced
  • Are divorced but you are finding it difficult to move on
  • Are open to addressing any other break-up trauma in your life

This is a five-step process to help you understand your responsibility for being part of the break-up and delve into the source of what really caused the break-up. It will provide you with the tools to heal and chart a new life with the secure knowledge that your new life will be empowering and significantly different from your old one.

Or Book a Coaching Session

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I am available to speak at your event about the trauma associated with Emotional Abuse. 

It is time to recognize emotional abuse as the insidious disease that it is. It is hidden and those of us who have experienced it, find it too embarrassing to discuss. My goal is to help your audience:

  • Understand why they need to pay attention to emotional abuse
  • Recognize the signs from A - Z
  • Decide on the steps they need to take in order to move forward
  • Provide them with the tools they need to begin to rebuild their lives
  • Propel them to thrive envisioning a new life and future beyond the abuse.

If you are interested in having Carol-Ann Marshall speak to your group, please see her topics of expertise below and then contact her for further information.

Most Popular Media Topics

The Signs of Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is the sneaky, sometimes obvious, unhealthy behavior no one wants to talk about. We need to acknowledge that it exists and shine a spotlight on it in order to eliminate it.

Value add for the audience – Are you uncomfortable in your relationship and walking on eggshells? Ask yourself why. Explore the signs of emotional abuse, A – Z to determine the true state of the relationship.

Rebuilding a life after Emotional Abuse

It takes courage to leave an emotionally abusive relationship. You have taken the leap. Now, what next? How do you reclaim your self-confidence, self-esteem and sense of self?

Value add for the audience – Dare to move forward. Conquer your fear and discover 12 Steps which will help you transform yourself and your life.

Thriving after Emotional Abuse

Embrace your resilience and let your imagination flourish. Create a new life as a strong, powerful person, finding positive ways to thrive after experiencing trauma in your life.

Value add for the audience – Fly free by opening up to new possibilities; dream new dreams, rekindle old dreams, rip off the mask. Learn how to live the life you were meant to live.

Receive a FREE excerpt of my new book I DARE YOU!

Download sample chapters here.

I Dare You! Conquer Fear and Free Yourself from Emotional Abuse,

My book, I Dare You! Conquer Fear and Free Yourself from Emotional Abuse, is an urgent and compassionate call to consciousness women in unhealthy relationships, challenging women to decide what quality of life they desire. It includes and unflinching exposé of my personal experiences and my journey towards self-awareness.

You will find inspirational and true stories that trace the faltering, though courageous, steps some women have taken to live and love without the relentless daily trauma of emotional abuse; a work book with questions to challenge you along the journey; a number of ways to safeguard yourself; and places you can go to get help.

Read this book, It is a wake-up call, daring you to examine and take charge of your life.


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I wish I had access to Carol-Ann’s wisdom and generosity as a young woman. It literally could have saved me decades of pain and poor choices driven by low self-esteem.

Laura Gisborne Author, Limitless Women and Founder, Legacy Leaders Global

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Receive a FREE excerpt of my new book I DARE YOU!

Download sample chapters here.​

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